“Every work out and I mean everyone is uniquely designed to address specific limitations, restrictions and strengths of my ability to train. Because each is unique, I am never bored. There is no boredom because each changes. At almost 70 years of age, 3 major joint replacements, and dozens of surgical procedures and broken bones, what Jillian has done is amazing.”

Roger J Dodd

“Jillian is simply the best there is. She is my go-to woman when anything in my life needs some adjusting, some extra love & tenderness, and/or some energetic mysticism & enchantment.

I have seen so many healers and participated in more spiritual weekends than I can count in the past 15+ years. Jillian is unlike anyone I have ever worked with and is in a category all her own, respectively. She has a magic, intuition, and wisdom about her that is vast and timeless. The shift’s she is able to help you achieve are extraordinary. Jillian provides support, help, and guidance that is immeasurable and other worldly.  Her heart and soul illuminates with some much love, adoration, and admiration that it feels like you are embraced in the safest, warmest, and most comforting hug you’ve ever experienced. Jillian is a true joy and pleasure to work with and I am always amazed, every time. I feel so honored to be able work with her. Jillian, I am so profoundly grateful for you. Your unconditional support, your wise sage woman tough love, and your never-ending abilities to “just know” enchant me every time. Thank you, from the deepest parts of my heart and soul! <3″

Kayce Neill

“Jillian and I have been working together since early 2010. I was a new mother in the throws of learning my new role on the fly. This is where my journey got dark. Although I felt like I had been working on my shadows for many years, motherhood called them all to counsel. Like a prayer that could only be answered by the most integritous of spirits, Jillian graced my journey with a whole heart. Gifted, talented, and intuitive are only a few words to begin to describe the blessing Jillian has been to me as well as to the world as a whole. She is a gift to humanity and I am so blessed to have her on my support team. Since we began our work together I have been able to weather some of the darkest nights and most horrendous storms that my journey needed to bring to me for my highest good. We are witnessing a true saint in action. God Bless us all for knowing her.”

Erika Graiff

“Jillian is effervescent with a contagious positivity that is motivating and inspiring. Her knowledge and awareness of the body and functional movement is superb. The individuality and creativity she brings to her workouts make them not only challenging but fun!”

Brandi Whitmore Rolfe