“What have I sparked in you is to remember your soul’s journey which is a beautiful light.” – Quan Yin

Soul Coaching

Soul work is that of honoring right where we are, yet recognizing that where we are is no longer serving us. That is the starting point at which deep healing begins. Using Shamanic techniques the are thousands of years old we will work to reset limiting patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck and away from your fullest self. Shamanic Coaching is done in person, over the phone, or via Skype or Zoom. This style of coaching is incredibly powerful, and yields remarkable shifts as we go to the core of the issue aka the original wound. Working together we will address overlying patterns, outgrown beliefs, shadow parts, lifestyle imbalances (physical, home, relationships, job, life). These shamanic soul sessions are both powerful and unique with a focus on working from the level of the soul. These experiences work with the original wounds and imprints with a focus to then guide the individual to dreaming and manifesting their highest self.
These sessions offer deep transformational work.

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Shamanic Soul Coaching is right for you, if:

soul coaching
  • You are feeling stuck
  • You are sick of the same old stories that you tell yourself
  • You are feeling like there is so much more for you that you cannot get to
  • You’re feeling rudderless
  • You can’t find balance
  • You’re repeating the same story again and again
  • You feel tired down to your soul
  • You don’t know where to begin
  • You’re not happy with your physical self
  • You’re hurting on any or all levels.
  • You feel as if you are caught on the spin cycle
  • You’re sick, depressed, have been diagnosed with x, y, z
  • You feel restless in your life

If any or all of those apply to you, please set up a free :15 minute consultation to see what plan is best fitted for you.

The :30 minute breakthrough session with give us enough time to identify old patterns and limiting beliefs, in order to identify obstacles that are standing in your way.

For full sessions plan on 1 1/2 hours allowing time to get into the deep work that is a beautiful and courageous journey towards knowing oneself and confronting ones shadow so as to ultimately release the old to step into the place one has only dreamed of until then. I recommend a minimum of 3-4 sessions for the best results.

*For additional information please feel free to contact me.

*After purchasing, you will receive an intake form. Please complete and email to info@jillianrachellevogtli.com to schedule your consultation via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or in person.

**All communication, including the intake and consultation, are 100%  confidential

Jillian Vogtli wellness coach

“Jillian and I have been working together since early 2010. I was a new mother in the throws of learning my new role on the fly. This is where my journey got dark. Although I felt like I had been working on my shadows for many years, motherhood called them all to counsel. Like a prayer that could only be answered by the most integritous of spirits, Jillian graced my journey with a whole heart. Gifted, talented, and intuitive are only a few words to begin to describe the blessing Jillian has been to me as well as to the world as a whole. She is a gift to humanity and I am so blessed to have her on my support team. Since we began our work together I have been able to weather some of the darkest nights and most horrendous storms that my journey needed to bring to me for my highest good. We are witnessing a true saint in action. God Bless us all for knowing her.”  Erika Graiff