My passion lies in walking along side my clients and helping them to honor their original story and wounds, then helping them to find their unrealized selves so that they may in turn write a beauty filled, new story. – Jillian

Wellness Coach

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Wellness is about looking at all aspects of the individual to find where both the strengths and deficits are. It is a proactive approach where together we break down the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects to see what needs to be addressed and worked with. Rather than ruminating over problems, we address the core patterns and issues/concerns and then focus on the solutions.

This approach is such that we are not being done unto, but rather we are the artists of our lives with the ability to choose differently. Unlike traditional therapy which dwells in the past, this approach is about looking at things just as they are and honoring what is first and foremost. From there we work together on skill sets and healing work that needs to take place so that you may then begin to create the life you truly desire. As your coach, I utilize my experience and training in the Wellness arena and the Shamanic world to work with you to shift the places that no longer work in your life on every level to come to know your true self and in turn steps needed to help you to reach your goals.

Overall wellness is about finding a balance of overall health on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of one’s self.

soul searching

One-on-one coaching sessions are conducted by either in person, or via Skype/Facetime/Zoom. After the initial month (4 sessions), three-month and six-month programs are available.

  1. 75-minute weekly sessions
  2. Email correspondence in between sessions
  3. Initial intake questionnaire to identify patterns, desires, original wounds.
  4. Homework and reading assignments to keep you on focused and creating the life you desire.
  5. A personalized action plan and self-care program.

As a Wellness Coach, I guide clients to the root cause of why they do what they do and guide them to bringing the unconscious parts forward so that they come they may be seen and embraced to in turn become become strengths and awareness. Coming form my background in Shamanic Training , NLP, Wellness Training and physical conditioning, together these bring positive and lasting changes to clients life, health and overall well-being.

To get the most out of each session, you must be willing to show up 100% for each session and be willing to challenge yourself to break old patterns.

The :30 minute breakthrough session with give us enough time to identify old patterns and limiting beliefs, in order to identify obstacles that are standing in your way.

*After purchasing, you will receive an intake form. Please complete and email to to schedule your consultation via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or in person.

**All communication, including the intake and consultation, are 100% confidential